We have started this group to portray and honour the men of the 82nd Airborne 505th PIR Parachute Infantry Regiment and all other Veterans who have served during WW2. We have a great respect for all those brave men who were fighting far from there homes for our freedom. Most of our members have adopted one or more graves from US soldiers buried in Belgium, some of us have contact with relatives in the States and have established a close bond with them. We have chosen this unit because we have friends in the States, France and the UK who are portraying this unit also and who we join at several events in Belgium and France. One of these events is the March in the footsteps of the 82nd. This is a march held for more then 25 years by a good friend of ours , Emile Lacroix. Another great event is Normandy. Our good friend from the US, Tom Mc ardle,  goes with us in to the fields giving us tactical lessons, information, history, drill and lots more. We march during the day and night, cross hedgerows, fields, …. We do this in full WW2-gear .  This gives us a better view about the conditions of the men who were dropt in to Normandy and lost there unit and buddies in a strange country with bullets flying around. We met several veterans who told us their stories. We are proud and happy to remember them and there fallen Brothers .We will do this with honour and wear our uniforms always with pride and respect .


Webmaster Lou and Erwin Peters ,

Email : Erwin Peters [cpt.peters@telenet.be]